Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday's Blog, Tuesday's Entry


This morning was painful.
My son was being difficult.
My mom never-ending nagging.
Totally forgotten about the vouchers. -> been waiting for that thing for so long and now I have to wait till who knows when! *tear tear*
I think I accidentally kicked something (no idea when or what) and now my tail toenail is hurting me.
I look/feel like shitty I don’t even wanna look myself in the mirror.
*woo hoo*

Work is work.
I embarrassed myself this morning.
My manager asked us what does F.I.T stand for.
I thought really hard but I still couldn’t remember.
When he look at me, I innocently ask him if he meant the college.
He was like “Huh? College? Then you don’t know”.
Another colleague finally found out what it was.
Frequent Independent Travelers.
*banging head on table*
I wanted to just melt and evaporate.
Luckily everyone was busy to bother with my stupidity.

I admit I know nuts about the hospitality/tourism industry.
I will make it a point to educate myself so I won’t make the same mistake again.
But in my defense, he could have been talking about the college kan?
Who am I kidding?
Of course not.

How was your weekend?
Mine was so-so.
I burnt my arm with the boiling kettle.
While I was in pain, I was washing my son who wouldn’t stand still and I accidentally poke him with my fingernail. It bled a little but enough to scare me and make me feel so small that I wanted to cry with him.
My son’s cradle is out of order and he wouldn’t sleep without it. So while my mom grocery shopping, I had to “entertain” him and he finally cried himself to sleep after 2 hour of tantrums. -> the weird thing is, at night he could sleep without it, he just needs it for his day naps
I got little sleep, little TV time.
Wish the weekend were longer.


Why is it so difficult to blog these days?
Is this ancient computer too old and needs to retire?
Five-star organization with half-star office equipment.

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