Saturday, January 13, 2007


The office’s server is down. Again. *sigh* So I am typing this with Microsoft Words. *wink* Pretending I have lots to do. I’m sure I do. I am just so freakin’ lazy to do it. Ha.

Everyone is talking and trying to get one of those free seats AirAsia is giving out. I am so tempted to get myself a flight somewhere, you know, a nice vacation for myself. Despite the free tickets, I still need to pay the airport tax that cost as much a one way ticket they sell every other day. That and the fact that it is impossible to get tickets at your convenient time. Unless you have no job/classes, then you could get the free tickets and fly according to their schedule. Even if I could I would then need money for the accommodation, the food, the travelling and of course, shopping! I hate it when I am unable to do what I want/need because I couldn’t afford it. And that people, happens to me every day. *rolls eyes*

I am having a headache. Maybe it’s the flu, maybe it’s the medication but I feel numb. I can hear my colleagues talking but in my head it’s just a soft murmur. Sometimes it feels as if I am walking in a different reality. You know, the whole world is going in a slow, really slow motion, while I just stand there, watching what I already knew was going to happen. And there is nothing I can do to stop it.

OMG. I can’t believe this is happening. I was supposed to get a birthday card done for a VIP and the only date given in the email is 13 January 2007. Of course I assume the card needs to be ready by 13 Jan. But NOOOO. The card was supposed to be ready by 12 Jan for the pre-birthday dinner. . Like hello? Do I look like a mind reader? So when SHE found out, SHE was like how come you didn’t follow up with the card? Looking upset. Besides, the lady in charge wasn’t that upset because she knows it’s a misunderstanding. I don’t know why SHE is being a pain in the arse. Is it really my fault? How come no one from that side chased after the card yesterday anyway? HA. SHE always makes a big deal when someone else screwed up and covers HER own arse when SHE did something wrong even when it’s a pretty big mess. Oh please transfer her somewhere else. I’ve been using a lot of energy and patience to deal with HER. It’s tiring.

On a happier note. Happier? Heh? I can’t wait for next Wednesday. *woohoo* I am so going to do my ‘Happy Dance’ once the plane takes off. I so need a time off. I am sure before I could do anything; it will be time for me to head home and back to my reality. Then I have nothing to look forward to after that. Well, there’s my birthday BUT. All I have left are my Sundays and public holidays. Of course that and my spending time with my son when he’s in a good mood that is. Hee.

Think I can hit the Jackpot this weekend so I could shop till I drop during my trip? We gotta be optimistic kan?

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