Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday too short

I am so cranky these days it’s scary.

My son seems to think it’s funny though. He keeps pushing my button and I’ve used up all the patience I have not to hang him upside down from the mango tree. *roars like an angry lioness* Don’t worry people, I was just joking about the mango tree.

It’s Sunday and I am thinking about work. *sighs* I cannot help but to think of the yelling I’m going to get for the delay of those stupid Japanese collateral and the photo frame for the winners. *bangs head on wall* I know I know, I should have been more aggressive in pushing everyone but we are all adults so why can’t everyone be responsible and finish what they’re supposed to do on time and without being force to? With me being grumpy and cranky these past few days it’s very difficult for me to consent the scolding I don’t deserve but surely will get.

You know what I want to do at this very moment?
I don’t. If you do please let me know.

My Land of Ifs is broken. No matter how hard I try to let my mind free, I just can’t do it. I cannot imagine what it would be like when I hit the Jackpot. I cannot imagine the day I get to kick those idiotic people’s arses. I cannot imagine That Guy professing his undying love for me. I try and I try and all I got was a dead tone.

“The Land that you are trying to call is no longer in service. Thank you.”

I am now listening to I Love Your Smile by Shanice. This song reminded me of a boy my friends and I used to stalk. *LOL* He has this gorgeous smile with dimples I just want to lick. Or pinch. He was very shy and we were scary. We would send him messages through his younger brother but he never replies them. *chuckles* We would even follow him around and the more he blushed the more we try to get his attention. We never spoke to that boy and I don’t remember why my friends and I stopped our Saturday evening activity. I wonder what happened to him. Maybe I should try and Google him.

When I think about it, I wonder what happened to me. I used to be very aggressive and I don’t care what happens. Once, my friend and I followed this gorgeous guy around in a shopping mall for an hour or so. We didn’t go talk to him or anything. We were bored and we wanted to see what he was doing. I’m sure the guy knew we were following him around, I mean we were not discreet about it with our loud talking and laughing. We don't giggle, we laughed. Out loud. I swore he smiled when my friend declared that guy has a nice butt. Hee. Those days were fun.

I know I don’t have the guts to do that again. The thought of passing That Guy alone is enough to make my heart go crazy. I think I’d have a heart attack if he caught me looking at him what more to be caught following him around.

Why do we worry too much as we get older?

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