Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Love in the workplace. Yes or No?

Now, before any of you jump into conclusion, I am not interested with anyone in the office. That Guy is not a fellow colleague. And my infatuation with That Guy IS dying a painfully shy death.
Anyone can/will tell you that I am no love expert. I do not know or understand many things. So people, this entry is purely based on MY personal opinion.

Love is a GOOD thing. I believe love should make you a better person not otherwise. Yes, I do agree that love is something that we are not in control of. It comes and goes without us realizing or asking. Sure it hurts like hell when someone betrays your love or even when your love is unrequited. It sucks but time surely heals.

Now, I have nothing against those who found their other half in the work place. I do however do have a problem with those who needs to show the whole world that they are in love. It’s okay if it doesn’t effect their work performance but when their professionalism is out in the window and people come to me to talk/ask about it, I’d get irritated. And embarrassed which is stupid because I am not the one who is acting like a fool.

The wanting to get his or her attention bit is also annoying. Like, I know you can do it on your own but you pretend that you can’t do it so the other half would fuss over you and all. It’s nauseating. *rolls eyes* Another thing I cannot take is the love song during office hour. Once is too much but to listen to it over and over and over is CRAZY. I had to use all my patience to stop myself from "otromen" these people.

I just think there are certain things you need to keep to yourself and your love life is definitely one of those things. Extra marital affair is a big NO NO to me but some people have no problem parading their affairs with people from the office some more. *tsk tsk tsk* What are they thinking?

I think it’s risky to have a relationship with someone from work. We are all human who are very much influence by our feelings and emotion. I mean, when you see your partner a little friendlier to the opposite sex, don’t you feel a little jealous? Then, when you guys are having a fight, how do you keep yourself from attacking each other when he or she is there?

Btw, don’t you get bored spending 24/7 together?

There is a reason why some corporations do not encourage husband and wife working together. But if you cant help yourself but to fall in love with another colleague, do us all a favor, save those loving for home kay.

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