Monday, March 10, 2008


I spent the whole day yesterday thinking what I am thinking about. I know to most people, that don’t make sense, but believe me when you’re in my size 9 shoes this day comes like the Friday 13th. Occasionally but scary.

I have an assignment to finish but I couldn’t force myself to do it. I keep telling myself I’ll do it later but that later never comes. So I did my imagination run wild, and run wild it did. There are times when I wonder if my imagination would worth anything.

Some people tell me I’ve been watching too much cartoon.

Someone asked me how a mother could treat her children differently. You know, some get better treatment than the rest. Another individual mentions that sometimes when you hardly see certain children, surely you will pay them the extra attention. That someone disagreed. When I said I have no comment on this matter, that someone gave me a killer look. If she thinks I am referring to her, then yes I am.

We’re human beings. We cannot help it to play favorites. *sighs*

I know I should have kept my mouth shut, but my brain was enjoying the crabs so much it didn’t pay attention to what goes out from the mouth, only to what comes in.

I admit I have favorites too though I am not going to list them here. I am sure everyone knows it too. It is my fault if I could connect better with some people but not the rest? It doesn’t mean I don’t like you. I just won’t share you the finer details of that *ahem* dream I had last night. Know what I mean? The example, not the dream.

I know some of my friends connect better with each other than me; I will respect that bonding and give them the space to breathe. I know how annoying it is when some people poke their unwanted nose in private conversations. I don’t.

There are times when I misunderstood the “connection”. When I finally realized my mistake, of course it felt shitty but shame on me for being so sad.

I think favoritism sucks but it is normal as long it doesn’t go overboard. I know I sound like a mad woman. But this is how I look at it. With my head rested on the table. This doesn’t mean I am unkind to some people. I am always nice.

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