Saturday, August 22, 2009

saturday, i like

As I sat in front of the television last night, I heard myself saying, “Why does it feel like a Monday?”.

I tried to concentrate on The Heartbreak Kid, but I just cannot force myself to enjoy the movie. Not even the first time I watched it. Why? I don’t know. Something about waking up to your new bride/groom and realizing they are not the same person you’re infatuated with and to know that no one (maybe except for the couple who celebrated their wedding anniversary at the Mexican resort. What was their name again?) will live happily ever after in that movie is depressing .

I was in bed by 10pm yesterday.

The funny thing was, just that evening, a friend’s comment in FB reminded me of the good ol’ carefree days when our routine includes work, happy hour, after happy hour, after after happy hour and impromptu outings.

Btw, I miss you all too!!!
And I do hope the missing bit includes me.

I got too excited in that perfectly edited memory lane and I told him we must recreate those days when I am in KL soon. *LOL* What was I thinking? I am sure no matter how hard we try to repeat those days it would not be the same anymore. Kan? Sadly, it never does.

So, the coughing is lesser now but when I do especially when I am in public, I wish I could dig a hole, stick my head in it and let the coughing go crazy. It’s embarrassing when I am suddenly hit by a cough so bad I sound like enjin kereta yang kena modified. I am sure there is a pump to… you know, clean my “chest” but I doubt the doctor would consent that procedure just because I am uncomfortable with the sound of my cough. Not vain, the coughing sound is just gross.

Oh well, at least no more chest pain. For a while I thought my long gone asthma is making a comeback. *touch wood*

I’ve been blog hopping half the morning (something which I haven’t done for a very long time). *wonders what would others say about my blog* Why I do not broadcast my blog was, well some blogs are like morning coffee and mine, well mine is just like plain water that you have to take with your medication.

What makes me change my mind? Honestly, the figure in my NuffNang is not rolling too quickly. *winks*

Some of the blogs I stumbled are by people who I recognize in social events in town. Of course the blog is very much like their “public” personality, what impresses me is their writing approach. I must admit there are few of them who I thought would not even know how to spell correctly. *head hangs in shame* and of course, they are some who I thought would have a brilliant blog but, let’s just say they should never quit their day job and go full time blogging.

Oh well, who am I to judge kan? Blogging is just a venue for some of us to say things we will never dare to say and some to share our lives with family and friends. No one should be criticised for their blog. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.

To all, thanks for sharing your blogs. It was fun. Let’s do this again.


Cherish Tulips said...

hope no bad comments about my blog lala...hehehe

angelicbug said...

ish, u this.
I love ur blog. so very you.
btw, congratulations on your pregnancy.

angelicbug said...
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