Sunday, July 18, 2010

sunday blab

I do enjoy spicy food made with spices. But chili hot is a big no-no for me. I am always fascinated with people who could literally drink a whole bottle of bird eye chili concoction which they add to everything they eat! I have seen people eating it with doughnuts!

I wondered what the thrill is and tried a teeny weenie drop but my tongue and stomach just could not take it. I ended up with gastric and I didn’t even enjoy the taste. All I can taste is the burning sensation in my mouth which distracts the taste buds from savouring the real taste of the food. I tried many times and I still don’t get it. Seriously.

Today, I woke up craving for something chili hot. So I took a tea spoonful of my brother’s bird eye chili concoction and eat it with my mom’s yummy fried noodles. I still burn my tongue and my stomach and that craving for something hot is not happy. It retaliated with a gastric. *sighs*

I guess my body is bored because I have been working the past 14 days straight and today I am doing nothing but glued my arse in front of the PC 1n2d-ing. So the body decides to play tricks on me. Damnit. Nanti I work 30 days straight baru kau tau.

I need a new hp.
Heck, I need new of a lot of things.
A new slate in life would be nice.

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