Tuesday, February 01, 2011

social badge #1

My mobile of four years is sick terminally ill. Sometimes it’ll go into a coma, without me realizing or worse, it’ll have one of its attacks and no matter how hard I press the keypads, it just would not work.

Do you know how depressing is that?

Once I have to sms a phone number like this 65432one because the number was needed urgently by a colleague. I also had a guest laughing at me when I could not enter his number in my mobile. I just laughed along because I didn’t want to otromen him. *sighs*

So I am looking for a new mobile.

Affordable and well, equipped with the apps that I need. Most importantly of course, it must be something I like.

Yes, I do notice that my taste is rather “different” than most people.

These days, mobile phone is a status badge. Do you notice how those with more expensive mobiles will flash their mobiles whenever they can?

As they enter any outlet, the first thing they do before ordering is to take out their mobile and check for any miss calls or sms and then they will check for wi-fi services. Expect a big fuss if the outlet doesn’t have one. Throughout their time at the outlet, they will constantly check their phone for SMS/miss calls or updating their FB and what not continues until they leave. Oh, don’t forget the photo taking as well.

Sometimes I wonder if their mobile has no ring tone or vibrate mode for that matter. So, maybe you can’t hear it sometimes, surely you can feel the whole table vibrates no?

What is the point of hanging out with your friends when you spend most of your time with your mobile. For the not so fresh air? For the ice blended? *shrugs shoulders* Like I said over and over again; people will never fail to amuse me.

Someone told me I should get a BB so we could BBM each other. *LOL* How cute is that? Some even justified themselves, to me, for buying a BB.

Feel bad because I can’t afford it is it? *LOL* Don’t be.

Anyway, I hope I won’t ever turn into one of them. Because one of them said more or less what I commented and turned into one of them the minute they got their new mobile. Yes, yes, the pot calling the kettle black.

Of course, the mobile I plan to get is nothing like theirs. In fact my sister laughed at me and said it look like a brick. A freakin’ square brick.

You got to love the social pressure.

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