Tuesday, July 12, 2011

it's all about the 7K

I think I still have one more entry on the street food at Krabi, but that would have to wait as I am now going all 7K.

If you haven’t heard, the Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run is happening on Saturday, 16th July 2011 from the Covered Tennis Court, Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf & Country Club towards The Magellan Sutera Resort, u-turn to the Coastal Highway towards Wawasan Plaza and at the roundabout, turn back to the Covered Tennis Court, Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf & Country Club.

Yes, that’s 7 kilometer.
And no, I have not run walked the 7K.
I am on duty that day. *whistles*
But if my son can do it, so can you.

Since this is a fun charity Run, there is no prize for the first runner to come back, though they do come back super fast; it’s crazy. However, to share the love, runners who complete the 7K within 77 minutes, will get a shot at the FANTASTIC lucky draw prizes. There are 300 hundred lucky draw prizes to be won with 5 Grand Lucky Draw prizes to be drawn during the 7K Carnival. Last year’s main prize was worth RM5,000.00.

This lucky draw prizes are contributed by generous sponsorship from corporate organizations and generous individuals. Of course the lucky draw prizes were sourced by the 7K Committee.

Nothing is easy you know. Letters to be typed out, printed, delivered and follow up. Then the prizes are picked up, marked and distributed during the event. You know how crazy it is to distribute 300 lucky draw prizes among thousands of runners?

In the 7K Carnival, there’ll be food and drinks for sale. However, the 7K Carnival stalls will only accept the 7K Coupons which is available for sale at RM10.00 per booklet. And each booklet, entitles you to one shot at the 300 lucky draws as well.

The nett proceeds from these stalls will also be donated to the 7K Beneficiaries.

If you read the papers, you will see the 7K photos of group of runners who have registered for the Run. This is where a team of one driver, one photographer and myself goes around town and out to deliver the t-shirts to those supportive people.

Our day usually starts around 8.30am and we come back to the office around 5.00pm. On a busy day, we’ll have about 13 deliveries to make, so we would have additional teams on the go as we could not be at three different places at the same time. We really wish we could!

By the time we come back to the office, we still have our usual tasks to finish up. Yes, it’s tiring. But I don’t get to do as much charity work as I’d like to. Yes, me and my 1001 excuses. So, when events like this happens, I’d gladly pitch in and try not to b**** about those people who is not making life any easier. That’s life. I’ll deal with it.

The 7K t-shirt has run out. Uh huh, all 10,000 pieces. *claps hands* Due to the demand and requests, we are replacing the t-shirts with caps. Why caps? It’s faster to get them printed than t-shirts.

So if you have not gotten yourself registered for the Run, come over to Sutera Harbour Marina & Country Club. Fees are RM25 for adults, RM15 for children.

Oh, since the traffic will be super crazy, do come earlier. It’s advisable to look for parking outside the Resort, because by 3pm, there will be LIMITED number of parkings available. Try to be at the Covered Tennis Court before 5pm as the warming up session will start. Flag off is at 5.17pm.

Why 5.17? Well 5.17pm = 17:17.
We just love our 7s.

See you guys at the 7K Run!

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