Saturday, February 09, 2013


So the Year of the Snake is slithering in, in full speed.
(Wasn’t Christmas last week?)
While my mom and sister were busy discussing menus and everything yummy, I was busy trying to figure out the solution for, no, not world peace, but for people with mental attitude problems.
They are making life absolutely miserable these days.

The solution?
RUN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION WHENEVER YOU SEE ONE COMING because there is no cure for selfishness when mixed with delusions.


Every year, if you’re anything like me and my friends, this is when one would search for the “new year” horoscope readings. I have such nice friends who would even send me mine. SO, the first reading I read was excellent - Potential love, meeting new people, lots of money coming my way, good career, etc. The second reading was pretty much the same too. But the readings after that became all about work. And nothing else.


And my friend said it’s okay because I get to make money. ^__^ Funny friend I have.

I admit that when reading this horoscope thingy, the first thing I would read is LOVE. Don’t know if this is habit or I am just getting caught up with the age and the whole “I do not want to be the old lady and the cats, a lot of cats”, but everything else e.g. work, health and money becomes like, side dishes. I eat/read them because it is there.

If my love reading is great, then I am happy regardless if it is for real or not. It’s the anticipation of something MAY happen that makes me giddy with joy.

It’s the reunion dinner tonight and we’re having k fried chickens because they have no time to cook.
So much for all the planning huh?

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