Saturday, March 25, 2006

Onions - RM9.99 per kg

I finally got out of the house today. *yawn* The weather was a killer. I should just stay home. But nooo… I wanted to go too. I need to listen to my "laziness" more often.

I wish we went to Disney Land. We went to a hypermarket to do our grocery shopping instead. Didn't really like the place because it was cramp and disorganized. Did you know they only had two different brands of fresh milk? And it has to be the two brands that I do not drink. *sigh* I miss the hypermarkets in KL.

My mom was FOREVER complaining about the price of onions. She said it was more expensive to buy onions than to buy a whole chicken. I look at the old and wrinkly onions. Might as well. Chicken makes better dishes than onions. Shoppers: 1 Hypermarket: 0. My mom didn't appreciate the humor.

I was staring at the sad looking potatoes when I overheard the cutest conversation.

Boy: Pa, tomato basar.
Father turns around to look.
Father: (Embarrassed) Ish. Cili bah tu.

Boy: Father! Look big tomatoes!
Father turns around to look.
Father: (Embarrassed) No son. Those are chilies.

I can be nosy. When I heard the boy, I turned to see the tomatoes he was excited about. I wanted to laugh out loud. The boy was wrong but the father wasn't quite right either. It was red-colored capsicums. It's funny because the boy was at least nine years old and the father was obviously embarrassed for his son's innocent mistake. But a boy at that age should be able to tell the difference between a tomato and a capsicum. Shouldn't he? – What are they're learning in schools these days?

After debating which diaper brand is worth the value, we headed home all sweaty and tired. Two hours of pushing the trolley loaded with one month of grocery supplies is no fun.

What did I achieve today? Besides finding out the price of onions are sky high? NOTHING.

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