Tuesday, June 13, 2006

hot sun, air-conditioned room and heavy rain.

My throat hurts.
My head hurts.
I wish I were at home.

Been busy coping with everything.
Had the orientation thingy last week.
My old work place, orientation was more about liquor and getting sick.
Here, I had to memorize everything about the organization,
while them treating us like we’re three. Ha.

Met many kind of characters at the orientation.
There are those whom I applaud for their warmth, dedication and teamwork.
There are those whom I want to kick their arse for their stubbornness and idiocy.

I kinda lost my temper at the last day of the orientation.
It is very difficult to work with people who think they are right all the time.
I have no intention of taking charge.
I just want everyone to participate.
It pisses me off when no one wants to take the responsibility when something goes wrong.
Anyway, it is over and hopefully I won’t ever have to work with “those” people ever again.

Then we finally had Ekiel’s birthday celebration.
Had it together with Mom’s birthday.
It was a simple celebration with a lot of makan.
And I really mean A LOT of makan.

By Sunday, I was having flu, sore throat and a headache.
Too much hot sun, air-conditioned room and heavy rain.

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