Thursday, November 16, 2006

me no nerd

I couldn’t believe my sister.
Me: … You should go to the libraries and read books...
My sister: I don’t want. I don’t want to be a nerd.

Wtf? I applaud her for never failing to amaze me with all her ridiculous ideas. Her stubbornness deserves a medal too, if only she was fighting for the right battle.

The second sister and I read a lot. Does this mean she sees us as nerds? *shocked* I don’t know about the second sister but I think I am one happening chick. *whistles* I am not saying I am a good role model, but I think we, well at least I am a pretty cool sister. Hee.

The second sister asked me how they (the younger sisters) became so delusional. It’s not so difficult to figure out who the culprits are. The harder bit was to do something about it.

My younger siblings are very lucky if you ask me. My second sister and I are given house chores when we were still in primary schools. Do the dishes, clear the dining table, sweep the floor, babysit the younger ones and cook rice. We had a schedule and we constantly argued about it hoping to get out of our assigned task. Of course that never happened. As we got older, more and more chores were given to us. We had to wash and iron our own clothes. We had to learn to cook – I handled seafood dishes. I even cleaned all those seafood my dad bought from the market! We bathed our younger siblings, feed them and I was also in-charged of the cleaning after the poop because the second sister refused to do it.

I remembered the day I came back from school. No one was home and I found the key my mom hid for me. When I walked in, there was vomit on the floor and on the baby mattress. I knew my baby brother was sick again and they had gone to the hospital. I didn’t know how long would they be in the hospital so I mopped the floor and took the mattress outside and watered it with a hose. The next-door makcik saw me and complimented me for being a good daughter. *ahem ahem* My point is, although I didn’t want to do it, I had to because it was the right thing to do.

Things are different with my younger siblings. My mom does everything for them. Thank goodness they don’t need to be fed, bathed or cleaned anymore. *rolls eyes* They don’t even bother to wash their own plate and spoon although the utensils they used are the only thing in the sink! *sigh* When you tell them to do certain house chores, they tell you later, and that later never come. Or they will start to b**** and that irritates the hell out of my mom and my mom will do the chores herself. I used to do the same until I realized it was their plot to avoid the chores. I am SO not going to fall for it again.

Once upon a time, I too used to be a kid/teenager. I do know many things about peer pressure and disappointments. I remember when I was ten year old, my friends were drooling over this character called Sierra from a TV show (can’t remember what). I have never watched it for reasons I cannot remember. They were talking about it every day all the time. I didn’t want to be left out so I made sure I watch and memorize the show even when I find the show boring. *LOL*

I realized the world has changed. The pressure to be "perfect" is much greater with constant reminders taunting you from everywhere. Even at my age, I still feel the need to oblige the society’s demands. I am just worried to see kids today who are so wrapped up in their own "media-influenced" world, they forget or refused to see reality.

They prefer MTV to TVIQ. They prefer My Super Sweet Sixteen than Sweet Valley Twins. They prefer low cut jeans than pretty dresses. They prefer sms-ing/chatting/on the phone with their friends than talking to their own family. Their general knowledge is also an embarrassment. They know so much about the entertainment industry but so little about their own country.

I tried talking to them but they just irritate me with their idiotic responses. I wish I could smack some senses into them but they are pretty strong and could easily getaway. Bribing only works temporary. My mom has given up hope. I seriously ran out of idea.

I am worried they will grow up as simpletons and not like Paris Hilton (you have to admit she markets herself profitably). I hope they will get out of this "phase" soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

Well said....but i have faith they'll grow out of it. But KK is one of those places that pessure to have a certain image is somewhat important.

I love reading, it's a form of escapism. There's nothing like sitting down wrapped up warm with maybe the radio in the background and a well written book!

Read Lovely Bones - Number 1 on my list of must reads - not that i have many! :)

- O -