Wednesday, March 07, 2007

a blur

I am having a bloody headache. I wonder if this pain has anything to do with my vision because the world is a little blurry these days.

How do we know what we see is... what everyone else is seeing, you know, the norm?

I know this girl who started wearing glasses, thick glasses, out of the blue one-day. She then told us she didn’t realize her vision was bad until she checked her eyes by chance. We were curious, I mean didn’t she realize her world was a blur? When asked, she simply replied "Oh, I thought that is how the world is. A blur". There you go. I couldn’t come up with a better explanation myself.

Every time when I feel the world is against me, or when I need to make a hard decision, I will always think of that girl. She reminds me that sometimes life isn’t what I think it is.

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