Tuesday, April 08, 2008

i heart my new blog look

How you like my new layout?

I needed a change. Since I am unable to control my life, *tadaa* I am so the very yesterday kan? Everyone had changed and re-changed their blogs many moons ago.

Before some of you go shaking your head in horror, this is SO going to be a “slaughtering the English language” entry. I am sick tired of having to write “properly” in the office the whole day and some people ikut suka hati labeled me as a bad writer. I know I know. Writing/preference/mentality is very subjective. I know I rolled my eyes when I read the things THEY wrote BUT I don’t go around telling people they can’t write. Ha.

The funny thing is things are still thrown to me so I could waste my already limited creative juices just to be condemned to eternal kuli-ness. I have no problem being a kuli but don’t action bah.

Many things are happening these days and I am not talking about the political scene, which by the way I am not interested. I think my two colleagues’ (over) excitement is enough to make up my ignorance. Sure, they can bullshit me and I wouldn’t know the difference. *sticks tongue out* I like a good story and those “stories” are very spicy. I don’t know why I couldn’t be bothered. Maybe I am distracted by many other important things that only concern me. And Ekiel of course. In politics, I am just another statistics. See my rationale?

“Not there yet”.

What the hell is that supposed to mean? Why am I still not there when I am doing a lot more that some people? *scratches head* So funny. People should have more tact. If you don’t, the kuli-es will find that greener pasture, then you’re f***ed and not only will you have your own s*** to clean up, their s*** is your s*** too. Get my drift?

This is not a threat. I am just saying you know.

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