Wednesday, April 02, 2008

skirt? I think not.

Will wearing skirt improves efficiency and increases productivity?
Before you could finish the sentence, I’d rolled my eyes.
Sadly some people think this would do the trick though I believe there are many other motives to this insane direction.

To those people “Are you having fun yet?”
(Why can’t people play games with only the intended, not the rest of the world)

Thank goodness I managed to get myself out of this craziness. For once my ‘nightmare’ saves the day. *claps hands*

People have always asked me to fight other people’s battle.
Is it because I am a good soldier or because I am easily bullied?
Most time it is difficult to tell.

I hate being helpless. I wish I am like one the Heroes chick. All I need to do is read a book about a certain thing and voila! I am an expert. Why do some people assume I know nothing when I do know something and some assume I know everything when I don’t have a clue.

So funny.
Life is crazy like that.

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