Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I sometimes wonder, whenever I am not searching the solution for idiocy, how human attraction works. It doesn’t have to be anything romantic, but human connection in general. What makes two people click and what makes two people want to scratch each other’s eyeballs out.

I started thinking about it many, many moons ago but I can never get a satisfactory answer. I’m sure fate and destiny have better things to do then to mix and match friends, enemies, etc, etc no?

Whenever I meet new people, I wonder if we will still have the same chemistry the next time we meet.
Most often the situation is awkward. I am not surprised considering the circumstances of the meeting. Alcohol always makes people *ahem* friendlier.

At that moment, I was their best friend but the next day, they are suddenly “shy”. It can be comel really (of course when you look back at it few weeks later).

Why do I think about these things?
I don’t know. I just do.

Actually, it has a lot to do with meeting new people and getting that bad vibe from some of them. Not like those people are bad news and what not, it’s just that you know they’ll stay as acquaintances, never more and you will want to hide behind the nearest thing every time you see them. No, I am not talking about myself here. I prefer to walk the opposite direction rather than hiding for the obvious reason. *whistles*

There are of course times when you found someone you could click but unfortunately the other party disagrees. That’s life. We don’t always get what we one. Except for some people. Of course.

It’s almost, not as complex, like asking how two people can beat each other up because one of them looked at the other, funny. WTH? *rolls eyes*

Those people need serious help.

I am no saint, but I do try to be nice to EVERYONE no matter how badly I want to assault them with my coffee mug. There are times when I wonder what will happen if I just shrug off my need to be sensible. Will people applause my courage or laugh at my insanity?

I can hear them laughing already.

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