Thursday, February 19, 2009

a proper one

19. There were a group of boys who goes around asking for donations. They claim that one of them are gifted and would be able to bless you with “fortune” by giving you a lucky 4 digit number. Told those boys we were not interested but their “leader” pushed a young mute boy in front of us to start the little ceremony. Imagine my horror when the young boy starts mumbling in prayer, took a blazer out and starts grazing it on his tongue with blood trickling to his shirt. The “leader” assured us it’s part of the ritual but I got so sick, I gave them some money and tell them to leave immediately.

Why do some people, especially them kids would do such crazy things for money.


Where should I begin… *winks*

Blah blah blah. The birthday celebration this year was GREAT. I had 1 cake at home and 2 surprise cakes. I feel so loved. The number of candles I blew this year makes me a 71 year old woman. *LOL* I am not complaining especially when all three cakes were very the yummy. *winks*

The Cherry Third Quarter Kinky Queen took me out for dinner and drinks the week before. She shared her surprising news which didn’t surprise me that much. The only thing I asked was “How do you know?” I get the same standard confusing answer. “You know”. That aside, I am truly very happy for her and can’t wait for that big day because SHE PROMISE ME I’LL BE ONE OF HER FLOWER GIRLS! *LOL*

Because of her I was called out on stage by the band member. I was so shy; the whole thing was just a blur. All I remembered was the spotlight, a guy pushes his friend to me and the Submarine that made me lost the feel of my face for a couple of minutes. It was a very good night. Thanks Cherry Third Quarter Kinky Queen. You know who you are! *kiss kiss*

Last Friday I had another session at the same location where the band is great and the ambience is better *whistles* It was another blurry but definitely fun and crazy night. One fixed “activity” during an outing like this is the “Hunt the Drunk”. When we notice the other birthday chick is missing, I held another friend’s hand and off we went searching for her. After going up and down the stairs twice, with my head hurting and the world becomes bleary, I dragged my friend down the stairs too fast and she slams into a giant bunting. *LOL* Poor thing. Of course I would not admit it was my fault. *LOL* So damn funny.

Pics courtesy of Monster

Valentine’s Day is the best day ever.

I had luncheon & egg sandwich for dinner with extra mayo and iced coffee and it was super yummy!!! It’s fattening, but it is V Day. Give me a break will ya? *LOL* What do you guys expect? It is like every other day so, there is no story there.

*sticks tongue out*

To everyone, thanks for the birthday wishes.

Really appreciate it.

Being 31 so far is… interesting.

For some weird indescribable reason, the world became happy again.

At least for now.

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