Thursday, May 21, 2009

another one bites the dust

When a dear dear friend of mine told me he's getting married, my jaw dropped. The fact that the SMS, yes SMS was sent to me before 8am may have something to do with it also larr. But seriously? I couldn't believe what I read until he assures me I am not being punked or gotcha-ed. Was hoping Ashton or Ian would jump out from somewhere though. *winks*

He told me he is single and this was just like a month ago. How could anyone fall in love, propose and plan a wedding in less than a month? The whole thing kinda freaked me out.

So maybe he didn’t tell me the truth. About being single that is. Not that it bothers me or anything because though we are good friends, there are plenty of things I do not know about him. Ya larr, I accept, or try to accept my friends for who they are. If they tell me they have a secret life as a superhero, I’d believe them because that’s what friends for. Right?

After the shock, I am definitely happy for him. I’m thinking if one of KL’s greatest buaya finally found his true love and settles down, then there is definitely hope for the rest of us kan? Hee.

I only wish I could attend his wedding. Damn the bad timing.

He will always be to me my “son”. LOL. He’s two years younger than me ya and he hates it when I call him that. *sighs* It is so obvious I miss him kan?

We had our fun and I wish him all the happiness in the universe.

I wonder I wonder who will win AI8? Everyone thinks Adam L will be the next idol. *sighs* Another kuda bites the dust larr like this.

Sfogliata Di Mascarpone from Ferdinand’s, TMS. YUM-MY.
I thought it looked a little too “happy” to be my dessert. Hee. The moment I taste the Mascarpone Cheese, I was in cloud nine. With the dessert. Not the Chef.

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