Saturday, May 02, 2009

MIA no more

Has it been that long since I last update my blog?

I am finally done with my classes. *woohoo*
Although I whine about the classes and what not, truth is, I am missing the class already. Not the assignment and test though. Hee.

I can’t believe it is May already.
*freaks out*

I didn’t watch OIAM8 last night but I was told Tomok won. I am pretty happy with the result because I already knew he will win the competition. Yes, I too have a magic bowl. *winks*

What am I going to do every Friday night now?

My mom: Where’s your mommy Ekiel? She didn’t come home last night kan? (I was out of town)
Ekiel: Mommy in jail

My Mom: Why? Why your mommy in jail?
Ekiel: Because she scold me only. Now in jail larr.


eSKay said...

hhahha.. meaning ko penjahat la tu kan.. kasiannya..

Unknown said...

but polis lepas ko kan beb? heeeee

vsk said...

hahaha.. funny... smart kid!