Thursday, June 04, 2009


Hello people.
I am still in once piece. *Hee*
Life just *swooshed* me by these past few days and I imagine this will continue for the next months or so.

It’s a work thing.

I heard something ridiculously funny about me last night and today. One colleague thought my husband left me because I limp (the result from my broken leg many many years ago). Another colleague thought I left my husband because he cheated on me. *wipes laughing tears*

I didn’t realise people actually have the time to “talk” about me. *LOL*

Sister8: Ada satu budak in Ekiel’s class macam si Ekiel. Apa nama dia ah?
Me: Isaac saya rasa

Sister8: Punya kiut si Isaac
Ekiel: Macam Ekiel larr mangkali. Pandai-pandai saja (turns to me and gives me a *hi-five*)

Ekiel does not like sharing his stuff. The only person he would allow to play his toys is me. Only on a good day that is. Last Saturday, we went to church and he brought along his toy car. There was this cute girl sitting next to us. I noticed Ekiel was staring at her but I didn’t pay attention because he is Ekiel.

Then he surprised me by borrowing his toy car to the girl! Then they talked, well more like pointing each other’s shoes and shirt. *Hee* Suddenly the girl gave Ekiel a big hug and that cheeky boy of mine turned to look at me at moved his left eyebrow like a professional “buaya”. *Rolls eyes*

What am I going to do with that boy?

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