Monday, January 11, 2010

2nd week of school

Like last year, Ekiel made a scene on the first day of his second week in school. He was very calm when I walked him to his class. When I wanted to kiss him goodbye, I saw the shaky lips and the glistening eyes, I knew there’ll be trouble. Before I could think of a plan, he was clinging on my neck and did not want to let go.

It wasn’t a pretty sight so I sat at the tiny bench outside his class. Some of Ekiel’s classmates came and asked me why Ekiel did not want to come in to class, so very the kepoh like that. *LOL* I did not want to embarrass, see I am such a cool mommy, told them Ekiel was just a little shy.

Ekiel’s cute teacher was in a meeting, so no one came to helped us. When she finally came, Ekiel started crying. Well, hysterical is more like it. It took two teachers to grab Ekiel while he was screaming, “I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!”

So kesian but he needs to go to school kan?

For a boy his size, he is damn strong.

Parents smiled at me, and I smiled back apologetically. It was not until I was in the car when I realised my buttons were undone and I flashed the whole kindergarten. Nasib baik saya pakai bra cantik hari ni. *whistles* I hope no kids, or parents were traumatized by that incident. *chuckles*

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vsk said...

hahahhahaha... funny la u