Saturday, January 23, 2010

better decision

I am horrified to read children abandoning their [sick] parents by the roadside because they think their parents are making their life difficult. WTH?

My relationships with my parents are not the greatest but never, not even in my frustrated state, have I ever imagine abandoning them like that. Yes, I am not exactly the best daughter in the world. I admit there are times when I imagined moving out of the house or even migrate to another country. Once I planned to move to another planet. *whistles*

Whatever the excuse it, there has got to be a better way.

It is always about making the better, if not the right decision. Leaving their parents at a welfare centre would be a better decision but taking care of them responsibly would be a right one. Being honest to your partner about that someone else is a better decision though staying faithful would be a right one.

It is never easy to do the right thing.

I sometimes worry about hurting other people, I rather avoid the issue altogether though I know I must face it sooner or later. I keep my fingers crossed hoping they would “get it” and everything would just okay.

Yes, I know it sucks. I was a “they” before too.

Anyway, I am counting the days for my next trip. *woohoo* A very much needed break away from the headache/heartaches. I’ve already identify the places I want to go and I’ll just assume my travelling buddies wants to go there too. *LOL* I just wish a big bag of cash would drop from the sky so I can par-tay and not worry about the little details like money. *grins*

Have a great weekend people.

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