Tuesday, August 17, 2010

last Friday post today

For some reason, I am extra happy today. I don’t know if it’s because I am going for a holiday soon or I have lost my mind, but I was certain nothing will spoil the day. Even my budget woes didn’t scare me so much and to celebrate, I decided to give myself a well deserving treat tomorrow.

Maybe that perfectly arched rainbow I saw on the way home yesterday had something with this joy I am feeling.

Even my colleagues noticed my joyous mood because I have been laughing, OUT LOUD and chatty the whole day.

Unfortunately, the happiness battery died eventually.
Besides the frustration, I am feeling a icky from this heat.
The puppy next door is making me uncomfortable with its cry at 1.16am.
And I’m hungry despite the food fiesta I had today.

It’s really unfair how some people can just stuff themselves silly with whatever they crave without worrying they’ll rip their office uniform pants.

Sometimes I wonder if I am a case of production blunder. Maybe the Universe was busy hippie-ing themselves in the late 70’s, they didn’t realize they were running low on metabolism, skin glower and hair vitamin among many other things when I was in the making. Because of this oversight, I am also overdosed with nice-ness, imagination and tolerance which made people wonder if I am a fake or an idiot. I prefer the latter, thank you very much.

Changes are inevitable again at work. Hopefully this is not another roller coaster ride where they left you hanging while you are doing the loop. For some reason, I have a feeling the whole scenario where I need to prove myself by becoming a Spartan will repeat itself. *woohoo sarcastically*

I suddenly crave for that Tom Yam in Sinsuran.

What would you do if the only people who can make you smile made you cry?
I’ll take a bow and leave gracefully.

Of course, easier said than done larr.

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