Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Can you hear what I hear?

Yes, the Christmas bells are pealing. *Yay*
Just what I needed.
A distraction.

A holiday would be better, but I decided to have an AWESOME Christmas this year instead.
Life is short. We need to CREATE good memories no?

Yes, I will try not to be hangat-hangat tahi ayam.

I was at the Hitz.FM Birthday Invasion last week. I felt really bad about Ekiel missing Greyson Chance’s showcase the other time, so I managed to get some tickets and persuade the sister to drive us there. I was happy to see other parents waiting patiently for their kids, outside and inside the concert ground.  Some parents were even dancing to Jakeman towards the end of the concert.

Surprisingly, Ekiel did not enjoy himself one bit. He complained the music was too loud and the girls next to us were annoying. They were. Like MTV kids gone mental.

The saddest thing was he just stood there all grumpy, and even disapproved my dancing with his evil eye. He said “Don’t be stupid Mommy!”

Wait till he starts clubbing, I am so going to give him hell.

** I just found out that my parents want to “match make” one of my brothers with their friend’s daughter.

“Why they no match make me and my single sisters?”

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