Thursday, November 29, 2012

Marital Status

One of the inappropriately yet frequently asked questions is,
“Are you married?” or “Is she/he married?”

When someone passed away, most people would ask, “Is the deceased married?”
When you comment about someone b****y, “Is that person married?”.
When you complained about someone who is giving you a hard time, “Is that person married?”.
When someone isn't behaving with the opposite sex, “Is that person married?”.
Seeing you walking around with any kids, "Are you married?"
Heck, even when I told the doctor I am experiencing abdominal pain, he asked me if I am married.

And the unfortunate thing is some people tend to use your marital status to determine the kind of person you are.

A divorced woman will try and “steal” your man away.
Single women after 40 will turn temperamental.
Women who do not marry are too choosy.

Or like what I recently heard, women who do not marry are actually mean and horrible people who are paying for their karma.

Silliness is them.

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