Friday, September 01, 2006

Mega Sale = Mega Broke

I am going to take a five-minute break.
I HAVE LOADS OF WORK to do and I AM SO DAMN LAZY to do it.
Later larr. Why should I work so hard when other people are taking credit for my work?

Went out with my mom yesterday.
Left Ekiel at home with my sisters who are obviously upset.
Oh well.

I wish I could shop till I drop because they say shopping is therapeutic but I am on a very very tight budget.
I spent more than I should but it was just so tempting.
I hadn’t bought anything for Ekiel or myself for a very long time and I think we deserve a nice treat.
So I bought 2 pairs of shoes for myself *grinning*, an eye shadow pallet, a pair of loop earring, 3 hair clips and a small jewelry organizer. For Ekiel, I bought him 4 pairs of clothes, Ekiel’s first two toothbrushes (buy one free one), one airplane model (he loves airplane!) and one musical instrument set.
Ekiel was more interested in the plastic wrappers than any of his new stuff. Hee.
But all the things were worth it. Bought everything at discounted price.
So, NO MORE SHOPPING until Christmas. *sigh*

It’s only the first day of the month and I am already broke.
*head banging on table*
Welcome to my life.

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