Friday, February 09, 2007

some people are just so...

I am little giddy.
I was kinda exhausted from yesterday’s shoot.
Exhausted and burnt.
I didn’t expect the exhaustion to last this long though.
Every time I move, the world starts to spin and I will feel slightly sick.
How I wish I could just stay in bed. *sigh*

Explain this to me.
Why do some people have to be so bloody arrogant?

I am not complaining. Well. I am. Kinda.

* Pic of the Pacific Sutera's Poolside. Took this while waiting for the crew to finish their shoot. Took with my lousy camera phone, hence the bad quality.

The Korean group was demanding and expects everything to be done THEIR way. They also wants everything to be FREE. *rolls eyes* I do not mind the demands BUT their expression and body language was too much. We hosted them lunch the other day. It is our practice to have one or two more staffs to entertain the group depending on the number of guests. There were eleven of them, so my boss asked the Korean Guest Service Associate (Korean GSA) and I to join them.

We arrived at the F&B outlet and they didn’t like the table we prepared. So we moved to another area. The Korean GSA and I made sure everyone was seated before we seat ourselves. I mean we were being courteous and all. I noticed that when the Korean celebrity sat down, it was only appropriate my boss sits next to him. BUT one of the female crew grabbed the chair from my boss and sat down. The waiter was smart enough to put a chair in between that female crew and the celebrity. Unfortunately, for the Korean GSA and I, when the waiter wanted to put more chairs, the crew members told them not to. Now, they can’t be that stupid to think we want to put those extra chairs for no reason? It was very obvious they do not want us to join so the Korean GSA and I signaled our boss to say we are leaving. Hell, I am SO not going to stay where I am not wanted.

Call me Drama Queen. Whatever. I know I am over acting. According to my other colleague, this is common and we just do our job the best we can. I agree. I did try my best to accommodate all their requests no matter how last minute/ crazy it is and stand under the hot sun while wait for them to finish their shoot. This is part of my job, I know, but I am just sad because THESE KIND OF PEOPLE ARE THE REASON LIFE IS SHITTY. I also blame them for the war and everything else that is wrong with the world today. HA.

Anyway, they’ve all flown back to their country and I hope I will never have to work with them again.

My world is calm again.
I wish larr.
I still have gazillion of things to do.
Most of them are not my responsibilities but the hell cares right?
They keep adding more work assuming I am okay with it.
*rolls eyes*
I am all about complaining aren’t I?

Oh well, I promise to whine lesser in the next 10, err 5 posts.
*pinky swear*

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