Friday, February 16, 2007

annoying people & fun people

What happens when you put She Who Acts Like She Is The Boss and He Who Tries To Exercise His Managerial Position in the same room?
They disagree about everything and shamelessly argue about it.
And what was the argument about?
Photography schedule was the culprit but real debate was "I like not doing anything and I want it to stay like that so I bitch about having to do everything and how I am the only competent one in the department because I need the boss to love me so I can shoot up the corporate ladder and make everyone’s life a living hell".

I hate conflict and I hope they will do their argument elsewhere. Hello? This is an office, not the bloody parliament. Their loud disagreement embarrasses me.

We are all adults and therefore should act like adults. No? Shouting at each other, throwing tantrums, showing temper, name-calling, tale telling – very immature. No? They agree and roll their eyes when other people behaves like a child but the moment things do not go THEIR way, *BAM* they’ve turned into the annoying prick.

Why can’t they surprise me by being nice and diplomatic about the whole thing? Why can’t they surprise me with solutions that are fair to EVERYONE? Somehow, I always ended up doing EXTRA work every time they come up with a new system. Damn they all.

Went out last Tuesday to celebrate a friend’s birthday. She had a blast and I have pictures to prove it but I gave her my word – certain pictures are not for public viewing. Spoilsport.
Anyway, we were out with her guy cousins and suddenly I was hit with this heavy feeling – I miss my guy friends/buddies. You see, I don’t have many if not any close guy friends here. I miss being one of the guys although sometimes I hate the "You’re one of us" phrase so much I want to flash them and scream "I am a woman for goodness sake!" They wish larr. I think.
I need a drink but no drinking buddies.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m really the snob they say.

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