Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Blue Monday

I am upset. Frustrated with what had happened. Hell, I am so pissed off I want to break something. I couldn’t/wouldn’t of course. I know better than to let someone who thinks he is god *nauseous* get to me.

I tried not to get involved but the monthly welcome letter for the guests is my responsibility. I could tell the girl it is not my problem anymore because I am only required to write it. Not to make sure it is in the room by the first of every month. If someone thinks the letter lack information and revised it on his own, he should inform my boss about it because my boss already edited the letter the way she thinks fit. He has NO BUSINESS changing it simply because HE IS NOT THE COMMUNICATION DIRECTOR. Hell, I could give him a long list with the inadequacy of his own department. He should fix his own problem before he goes poking his nose into someone else’s.

I don’t care if he wants to edit it. I understand different people have their own writing style and preferences in everything. Taste IS subjective. I am just upset with the word he uses.

Long time in the rooms. We don’t wait for you while you are enjoying your off day. It’s all been sorted out. Don’t worry.

WTF does that mean? Just because I work office hour doesn’t give him the right to say things like that. 31st March was a public holiday but I have given the first draft on 19th March but they wanted to put more information and with all the editing and approval, my boss finally approved it 30th March. He then sent an email asking to hold the letter first. He made the amendment but he didn’t inform us or the other hotel about this. So when the other hotel called asking about the letter, I had to ask him what changes he made. That’s the right thing to do, no? – FYI, the resort I work with runs 2 hotels among many others and we have this rule about standardized collateral, letters and what not.

So I politely asked him for his amendments so I could forward it to the other hotel. This is what he replied.

You should not ask me. Ask XXX. XXX will get very mad when she reads this.

XXX is the person in charge of the other hotel. I asked for HIS amendments not XXX’s. I know it was pointless to argue so I thank him for his time. HE gave the instruction to hold the letter. HE instructed HIS staff to proceed with the letter HE amended without even checking it with us in the communications department nor did HE inform the other hotel about it. So what is with his reply?

If he has anything against my boss or my department, don’t point his fingers to me and cc the email to almost everyone. Don’t make it sound as if I am the idiot and I am not doing my job properly. Hell, I am only the coordinator and just one level above the janitors of the hotels. I get minimum pay but I am doing A LOT more than what my job description says for example the letter. I worked overtime and I don’t even claim the overtime unlike my manager who claims every hour he has to work after office hour. I do try my best but there are days (like today) when I ask myself if it’s really worth it.

I don’t really understand why some people behave like an ass. Does it give them some sort of unexplained satisfaction like me and my "happy endings"?

Why can’t everyone just be nice?
It’s only Monday and I am already having a bad week.

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