Saturday, July 28, 2007

For those staying around KK area and feeling very patriotic, come and join us in our Merdeka Month Launching this Monday, 30th July 2007 at 9.00am. There will be raising of the Malaysian & Sabahan flag, singing the Negaraku (Malaysia’s national anthem), the release of 50 pigeons, TATU performance from the Malaysian Navy, cultural performance by the resort’s cultural group and light refreshments.

It is 3.19pm and I am still in the office (I only work half day on Saturday) because I have the full dress rehearsal for the above function at 4pm. Don’t worry, I am not going to do any performance and what not. I just have to be there for the sake of being there. Don’t understand? Don’t worry. I don’t either. This is like the 7th rehearsal I’ve attended and all I do is stand and follow the organizing committee around like I have nothing better to do with my time.

Something weird/funny happened this morning.
Someone warned me that she would report me to HR because I didn’t reply her email and got someone else to reply it for me.

This is the story.

My dept is in charge to make sure that we have sufficient collateral for marketing purposes. They were supposed to record everything they took but of course sometimes that doesn’t happen. Because of this we sometimes face problems like no stock when we need to distribute them at a fair and what not.

So, yesterday, one of the staff complained we only have 200 flyers left and that is insufficient. So Ms Difficult emailed to me and complain about our lack of responsibility doing our job. Thing is, this job is no longer under my to do list. So I ask my colleague who’s in charge to reply her. Very professional and courteous. We told her there was 500 flyers left last Wednesday. Since Ms Difficult is the only one holding the store key, where did the 300 flyers go? We offered a solution; to do a weekly check on the collateral and keep the key with us to ensure all collateral taken is recorded.

This morning, she emailed to my superior and said I wasn’t being appropriate for not replying and asked someone who is not in the position to write such email. She threatens to report me to HR for this.

Wtf? That’s right. I said the same thing too.

Then someone told me according to Ms Difficult, she didn’t believe the email was from my colleague and insisted that it was me who provoke my colleague to write such email because we hated her for warning us about taking lunch too long. Heh?

I don’t know. This is the same person who accused me of playing politics just because I didn’t invite someone to join us for our sunset cruise. My email was respectful and polite. No accusations. No name calling. No angry words. Suddenly she go around telling everybody I make someone send that nasty email because I hated her for lunch hour thingy? I don’t remember about the lunch hour incident anymore.

What did I do?
I called her and apologize. I explained to her why I asked my colleague to reply her email.
All she could say is "Hmmm" and "Thank you".
Oh well, we can’t please everyone can we?

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