Monday, July 30, 2007

Merdeka! Merdeka!

The whole Merdeka launch was a success.

Number of gun dropped during the TATU (Navy) silent performance – four.
Number of birds that refused to fly out of their cage – two.
Number of birds that flew out and hit the nearest tree – one.

Besides the aching feet and losing the sole of one of my heels, I am very happy this event is OVER.
Until next year of course.
And I am SO not looking forward to it.

My weekend was a blur.
I went back about 7pm on Sat.
Slept early, which doesn’t happen very often.
On Sunday, my son woke me at 7.00am and insisted I wake up.
The whole day, I received sms-es and phone calls from the office.
They need me to help them burn few CDs for today’s function.
Seriously? *grrr*

I don’t mind really, but when I have people finding faults over nothing, I get really annoyed.

Like this morning when Ms Difficult questioned my colleague why were we wearing baju kurung (malay traditional costume) instead of our uniform. She said we have uniforms for a reason. Like ‘duh’?

I don’t get it. Her staffs also wear baju kurung on Fridays, so why didn’t she make a big deal out of it? She must have woken at the wrong side of the bed today. Well, not only today but for the past year! Someone should really tell her to try and wake the other side of the bed so she wouldn’t be such a bitter person.

Sometimes I wonder if she finds fault with me because I don’t retaliate like the rest of them.
There are staffs who tell her off when she messes with them.
I think it is rude not only because she is senior staff, but because she is older than the rest of us.
My mom taught me better than that.

Last night my son and I watched RV.
He practically narrated the whole movie to me.
In his own language.
While I was watching the same movie.
Then he slept with his sunglasses on.

This morning, when he woke up, he asked for the sunglasses and puts it back on.
I’m sure he feels really cool because he was giving us the half smile.
A smile that he unsuccessfully tries not to reveal.
Then he followed my dad to send me to work.
He sat in front with the seat belts on.
Recounting everything he sees along the way.
Like a mini tour guide in his pjs.
And with less information.

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