Monday, May 05, 2008

I x heart today's Monday

I hate being sick. *cough cough* *sniff sniff*
I wish I could just take the “sickness” out and put it in a jar and left it out in the sun to die cure itself.

After the surprise change of plan, my class finally started again. For a while I was beginning to think the whole thing was too good to be true (especially when our bond was shortened to one year!).

Our first class this morning was Management in Information System and Information Technology. I have no idea what the class was about. I’m sure the lecturer tried his best to make the subject interesting and related in our work, I’m sorry, his best wasn’t good enough. I do try to pay attention but it’s difficult to concentrate when my body demands a bed and the rest of the class was making jokes only they themselves could understand. *whistles*

I couldn’t help to worry about my work in the office too. I hate all this unnecessary headaches.

Work sucks. No, the organization is not so bad, it’s the people who makes it hell.

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