Thursday, May 29, 2008


I was surprised when I was told in certain part of the state; a lady must marry before the age of 27. Otherwise they are seen as expired goods. Hee. Okay, I added in the expired goods bit but it sure felt like it.

Me: Nah, expired sudah kita Claire (Claire, we’re considered as expired goods)
Claire: Tidak pa la. Saya buat clearance sale 50% off (No worries. I’ll do a 50% off clearance sale)
Me: Bah saya buy one free one lar. Macam? (I’ll do a buy one free one promotion. What do you think?)
Aunt L: Sot (Nuts)

We (including my married aunt) laughed at ourselves silly.

It was the hot topic for the weekend. Finally the first of my generation got married last Saturday. My grandparents waited 30 years for this and we hope we don’t have to wait another 30 years for the next wedding. Hee.

I harassed my younger siblings and cousins (almost all of them are in a relationship) about their wedding plan when I was told a male cousin of mine is in a dilemma. He plans to marry after he turns 30 (he’s 23 years old) but the girlfriend’s family insisted she marries before the girl turns 27 because it is their custom. I didn’t see the problem until I found out the girl is two years older than my cousin. Which means the wedding must take place in the next two years! Talking about pressure.

Weddings and marriages are a good thing. I however feel that one should not be pressured into getting married. I have friends who got married because they (as a couple) have been together for so long, that is the right thing to do. It is okay if you’re still in love and what not but when one of them stays in the relationship because that person do not have the heart to hurt the other party though there is no more love and went looking for it with someone else, doesn’t that spell d.i.v.o.r.c.e. to you? I have another friend who got married because the mother told them to. Heh?

But what do I know.

Another single aunt of mine (who retired many moons ago) told me that I am lucky to have Ekiel without the hassle of a marriage. I agreed absentmindedly. People assume marriage is not in my agenda because I didn’t tie the knot despite my circumstances. Honestly, I don’t know. I want a wedding but not the headaches of a relationship. Boleh?


Pictures from the wedding.

What do you when you got bored at the reception due to lack of alcohol and good looking men?
Take funny picture of course. *LOL*


carolchs said...

20 years down the road, Ekiel will break many hearts. If he isn't already now, that is. Punya hensem ni dia ni...

msLabadin said...

i do agree chegu... my heart ter stop skijap nampak c ekiel... hensem gila baban men...

I have to compliment the mummy too for producing such a wonderful handsome baby..

angelicbug said...

;) thanks for the compliment.

i just hope he won't abuse his looks. Even now pun he pandai use it to get what he wants.

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