Friday, May 16, 2008

what to wear?

I am still *cough cough* but the flu bug died already. *woohoo* Still having that mild chest pain whenever I move around especially when climbing the stairs. The doctor I saw yesterday blamed the other doctor (whom I met last week) for not prescribing the right medication.

One of my cousins is getting married in next week and my sister is very excited. She already asked me what to wear and so on two weeks ago. You see, weddings do not happen very often in my family which explains the excitement. The last relative who got married was what? Four? Five years ago? We didn’t even attend that wedding for some reason.

Okay there were few distant (First cousins? Second cousins?) relatives who got married and invited my mom but that doesn’t count right?

The other day, my mom told me that she and another aunt was also worried about what to wear for the wedding. Hee.

For some reason, people get paranoid when they need to attend functions at the hotel be it formal or informal. I too have that problem sometime but I just sucked everything in and pretend it didn’t matter to me. Obviously it does but there is no way I am going to let everyone knows it kan?

The way I look at it, things could only go two ways.

You could either OVER or UNDER dress.

Over-dressing. Been there done that many times. I wish I could delete those memories from my head. Like that time when my friends and I dressed to kill for our Christmas dinner only to be told that the hotel screwed up our reservation and we had to join the “break fast” buffet dinner because my fasting friends were hungry and we were too lazy to go anywhere else. Imagine us with their tubes and mini skirts among the tudung wearing diners. Yes, it was very uncomfortable. Yet, it didn’t stop us eating like there was no tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about being overdressed – if you like the attention that is. Of course once in a while I too would wear that a little too low cut blouse just because I felt like it. *winks*

Under-dressing could either work or not work to your advantage. Like duh kan?


i. People would not pay attention to you so much

ii. People would not mistaken you as one of the bride’s entourage/performer for the night

iii. You could leave the place without much effort.


i. No one realize you’re there – better bring your own camera

ii. Some may mistaken you as the waiter

iii. Some people would think that you have no dressing sense

I’m no expert but my advice is dress how you feel comfortable. Hee. True larr bah kan? I don’t understand why some people just like to torture themselves. Not that they look that great anyway. *rolls eyes*

Sometimes it’s not about the clothes but how one carries themselves. No? This is poor people talk? LOL. I guess so but does it mean that I worth less as a person because I wear unbranded clothes? Don’t bother to answer it ya. I am just talking crazy here.

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