Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mommies found their Spark

Being a single mom is not an easy task.
Being a single working mom is even harder.
Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it, being a mommy and all.
I just wish I didn’t have to spend most of my times in the office dealing with problematic people.

After three years, I am still juggling my time ungracefully between my son, work and my social life. I was more than willing to sacrifice my social life simply because I can’t afford to go out and “socialize” anymore. Imagine; a jug of beer is equivalent to my son’s one month supply of diapers. I have to set my priorities right.

Just when I thought I have finally learned to manage my finances, the oil prices went crazy which led the increase of prices for everything else. How does one survive in circumstances like this where everything is costlier but still no increment at work because of ‘bad economy’?

I used to live for the moment, but these days I am a planner. I am already worried about my son’s education. He is starting pre-school next year and I know that good schools mean more money. Though I believe I am one of those mommies who do not spoil their kid, I sometimes wish I could afford to get him the cool RM200 Adidas shoe or the expensive toys he sees at the toy shop.

I wish money grows on trees.

With the increasing expenses, more and more mommies (and daddies) are doing extra jobs. I wish I have the energy and will to do the same but I don’t. I can’t do MLM because my selling skills are bad, like can’t sell water at Sahara Desert bad. I can’t wait tables because I have no tolerance for annoying customers despite my high level of patience. I can’t write part time because my creative writing juices don’t do deadlines. Besides, I am already spending little time with Ekiel, with another job I might as well just stay put in KL.

Just when I thought there is no hope for me I was introduced to blogging at SocialSpark. And guess what? SocialSpark is dedicating a special site for all Mommy Bloggers! How great is that!

Either for that extra cash or serious blogging, SocialSpark is where all mommy bloggers should sign up. It’s easy with choices of subjects to blog about. Besides, how many sites pay special tributes to us, mommy bloggers?

When you sign up at SocialSpark, don’t forget to look for me!

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