Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday exhaustion


I’ve been doing some housekeeping on my PC again and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some pictures/documents along the way. If not that, I think I’ve overwrite original pictures with the smaller version.*sighs* If computers are so smart, then why can’t they organize themselves nicely?

I can’t wait for this weekend to be over. Oh wait, next weekend too. I am mentally and physically exhausted. I did some “beginner” food photography yesterday and my body is aching all over. I must be getting very old or I need to exercise more. *whistles*

The weather is not helping either. When I walk around without an umbrella, it would rain heavily and when I do carry an umbrella, not a single drop of rain despite the really angry clouds. Funny kah? Well, I don’t think so.

Everything in Lala Land is back to normal. *fingers crossed* No more broken heroes, gentle princes or serious warriors. Though Queen of Lala Land did not survived the whole ordeal *ahem* gracefully, at least she had fun and embarrassing experiences to laugh at, twenty years later when she has coffee with The Cherry Third Quarter Kinky Queen.


Every time when I thought I am over it, it comes back right at me hitting me between the eye. Why? Why? Why? *screams while looking at the sky like Jamie James in “I Know What You Did Last Summer”* He needs to stop messing with my head. I am so weak, I know.

Today’s photo shoot was okay despite the trembling hands due to exhaustion. It was fun. Wish I could pursue it as a hobby or even a career, but I need to wait for the day I hit the Jackpot before I could afford it. While shooting, I received a call from home. Thinking it was an emergency, I answered the call between snapping the last few pictures and wiping my sweats and making sure the camera doesn’t fall from my hand.

Me: Hello?
Ekiel: Mommy, what’s your name?

Me: What’s wrong?

Ekiel: Where are you?
Me: Office larr

Ekiel: Where’s Mama?

Me: I don’t know. In the kitchen kah?
Ekiel: No, Mama went out.

Me: Ish, okay la. I call you back.

When I think about it now, that boy is funny.

Anyway, am I wrong for not caring what goes on with our political scene? When I read the newspaper, I skip the first few pages because seriously, I am tired. All the politics (country, office, friends, etc) are giving me unnecessary headaches. My long gone migraine is back with a vengeance.

Everyone say they want what is best for everyone. *rolls eyes* If I get RM10 every time I hear that statement, I would be able to afford one of those really nice cameras. The funny thing is everyone, yes, me included, always say one thing but do a totally different thing.

So when will all this insanity ends? If you really are fighting for the greater good, then find a solution, not pointing fingers at other people. Championing yourself (and slandering other people) does not make you a leader (or a better person). Right?

I am just tired. Everyone thinks they are better than the rest. Why can’t people just get along and make this world a better place? *sings Michael Jackson’s Heal The World while waving my hands in the air*

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carolchs said...

i (almost) always skip the political articles in the newspaper too. especially those with dramas in 'em. penat saja mau baca.

better read something else that can benefit my students in school.