Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday talk

When people say it’s a charity event, it means the money collected will be given to the appointed beneficiaries. Everyone knows that kan? I am sure they do but there are those people who have no shame whatsoever. *tsk tsk tsk*

You know it’s a charity show and yet you still want to take advantage of the organizer by demanding unnecessary things like I don’t know…. high performance fee, business class flight, suite rooms, unnecessary entourage, lobsters, shark fins, etc. Then you want us express our gratitude for your compassion and support in contributing back to the society. *rolls eyes*

Like hello?

It is sad to hear how some people go over their head with their new found fame. Despite the bigger head size, they tend to be very forgetful. They forget their manners, they forget their roots and they forget their humility. *whistles*

Lets not forget those who are OVERLY status/protocol conscious. What’s the big deal?
Btw, don’t confuse yourself with protocol or good manners. It is a totally different thing.

Maybe it’s just one of my crazy thinking but we need to see beyond the excessive façade. Underneath it all we are all the same. Why don’t we just get along and have some fun?

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