Tuesday, October 14, 2008

dental problem

My dislike for dentist / dental work started with those terrifying dental nurses who visited our schools. They were rude, rough and mean. And I did not imagine it.

I’ve been visiting the government dentist recently because of the obvious reasons. The first time I was there, I thoroughly read their vision, mission and objectives statement and was somewhat impressed. IF they actually carry out what was written of course.

First, their numbering system is terrible. Sure, you get your number from the number counter and what not but once your dental file is sent to the front desk nurses, the number sequence is not important anymore. Their reason for this is because each file is distributed equally to the dentists. Instead of sticking to the sequence, they separate the files into several piles. If you’re lucky, you will be the first person to be called by the second, third, etc doctor although you were the 57th patient for the day.

Patients who questioned this system were told to seat and wait for their turn.
Is that fair?

The dentists are friendlier than the nurses that came to the schools many moons ago BUT each dentists have their own characteristics which can be annoying and frustrating.

I saw four different dentists (of the same government dental clinic) who suggested four different methods of dental work. Okay, one dentist did not suggest anything at all. She just went along with what the first dentist recommended.

When I met the third dentist, she gave me a whole lot of option which I was so happy to hear. Unfortunately, the forth dentist disagree with her and told me to do something else.

I was pissed, of course.

Me: Why four dentist, four different methods? Shouldn’t there be a dental guideline or something?
Dentist Four: Different dentist have different opinion. Some are more concern on the look*, some of the cost*, some on the effect*, blah blah blah. If you’re not happy then you go and look for the third dentist.

She also looked annoyed with all my questions.

So much for their professionalism and friendly services. *rolls eyes*

FYI, I did ask for the third dentist but I was told she has already transferred elsewhere.

I didn’t mind the long wait for a check-up or even the longer wait for a dental filling appointment. However, I do mind when I am not given the full detail or options and a clear explanation with it comes to something important to me.
I know and admit that the government services have improved tremendously compared to years ago but circumstances like this makes me whine and complain about them.

I guess no matter how perfect the vision and mission statement of an organization, at the end of the day, it is up to their people to make it a reality for it is only a damn notice on the bloody wall.

*I can’t remember the fancy terms the dentist was using so I replaced it with what I understand.

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carolchs said...

although i know i have more privileges when visiting govt dentist cos im a govt servant myself, bcos of things like what u have described....i always turn to private practice dentist if i need one. Had bad experience with them as well years back.

Will only go to them when i have friends there willing to do the dental work for me.