Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To be in a situation where one needs to make an almost life changing experience is nerve wrecking. I don’t know what you’re thinking about but no, it is not what you’re thinking. I wish. Well, not really, but sometime I do.

Anyway, for some unexplainable reason, I am so emotionally attached to this thing I need to make a decision on. What if, my decision is a bad one and I will not find a similar or better replacement? OMG. *shudders* It’ll be like jumping from one hell hole to another. How many holes are there anyway? In hell?

Yes, we must be optimistic that things will work out blah blah blah but with the series of unfortunate events with Angelicbug recently, *vomits blood*

I am super THIRSTY and a little hungry. I only had one piece of cookie today because I have drunk 2 liters of water. I kid you not. I don’t know why but I can tell you that this worse than that time I had to finish six pieces of Marie biscuit in one go without any water because my son wants to win the parent-child game during his school. I nearly choke but we didn’t win because while I was sliding it down to my mouth from my forehead, the cookie nearly killed itself so I saved it and that was a disqualification. The teacher should have told me that and spare me the other 4 pieces of cookies.

Dear Pa,

The last letter I wrote to you was thirteen years ago. I never got your reply regarding my theory on where did I get my stubbornness from. I am sure you appreciate the humor because like my theory about stubbornness, I am sure I inherit my wit from you. Or mom. But don’t tell mom I think she is funny.

I never thank you for telling me to bring Ekiel back home. It was the sign I was looking for to know that everything will be okay. I also never thank you for giving me the space I needed. No question, no lecture, just a gentle squeeze on the shoulder. That tore my heart more than seeing mom crying.

I hope Ekiel would grow up to be at least half the man you are Pa. A man of wisdom and principles. A gentle soul with a strong spirit. A simple being but significant to many.

one of my favourite photo my dad. cari remote astro. *smiles*

Happy Father’s Day Pa.

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Cherish Tulips said...

This is very sweet Clara touching.