Monday, April 11, 2011

black and blue

I came home from work to be greeted by a very sad Ekiel.

Ekiel: I know you are mad at me Mommy.

I knew something was wrong, and when he lifted his head, my heart sank. I was literally shaking.

His mouth were swollen and blue in colour. Apparently he fell face first on the concrete floor at school. The image of him falling in my head still gives me the shivers.

He came home with dried blood stain on his mouth. My mom freaked out thinking he had busted his whole mouth. Only when she cleaned the wound, she realised it was only the top bit that was bleeding. She panicked and forgot to take a photo of it first.

Yes, for my 'Ekiel's Injury' scrapbook.

Now the poor boy looks like a duck with eating problem. As a food mommy, I offered to chew the food first, but he gave me the evil look instead. The whole weekend he was whining about everything. He couldn't even open his mouth wide open.

gave blood alright, to the floor

This morning, I had to give him mints because he still refuses to open his mouth wide let alone brush his teeth. When he got to his class, all his classmates surrounded him wanting to see his mouth and I swear he was smiling from one ear to the other for all the attention.

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