Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The tale of the Anchovies

About 2 weeks ago at the wet market in town.
Mom: I bought anchovies to mix in Ekiel’s porridge. Remember to cook them.
Me: Mmmm
My mind: Why did I leave the house? Mannn… it’s so hot! Water! I need Water! Oohhh, is that corn in cup? I want corn in cup!

Mom: When are you going to cook those anchovies? It has been two weeks. You want to wait until goes off to college? Clara? Are you listening to me? Ekiel, look at your mommy. She’s such a pig.Me: Fine. I’ll do it now. No need name calling in front of the baby *rolling eyes*
My mind: ZZzzzz

Mom: Wash it then let it dry. Then fry them until their crispy. Then you blender them finely.
Me: I know. I know.
My mind: Run them under the tap. Fry for a while. Blender.

Mom: Make sure you take the foreign thing out.
Me: What foreign thing? They’re anchovies. Tiny fishes. What foreign thing?
My mind: Foreign? Like immigrants? Hahaha. Mannn… It’s so warm in here.

Mom: There can be other kind of fishes or tiny rocks. You have to take them out.
Me: If we just fry and blender them, it wouldn’t make any difference.
My mind: Blender them! Blender them!

Mom: You can’t do that.
Me: Why not? They’re seafood.
My mind: Seafood? I want crabs. Crabs. Crabs.

Mom: Once, someone died because there was a baby blowfish in the anchovies. You don’t want that to happen do you?Me: (No replies)
My mind: Ohhh baby blowfish. Where? Where?

Me: Mom, there’s no baby blowfish though I did find something else. *grinning*
My mind: Squish it. Squish it.
Mom: I don’t want to know. Go fry it until it’s crispy. CRISPY.

Me: I’m gonna take a picture first.
My mind: I am bored. I wonder what’s on TV now.
Mom: Picture? Why? Don’t you have better… never mind. I don’t want to know. Just finish it.

Mom: Ekiel, you poor poor baby. Your mommy is acting like a lunatic idiot. Don’t worry, your grandmamma will take care of you when your mom is in a nut house.
Me: I could hear you mom!
My mind: I should blog this!

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