Saturday, September 20, 2008

saturday drama

*yawns like a big hippo*

I couldn’t sleep last night. I was tossing, turning and wondering why am I still so wide awake at 4am while everyone else at home was snoring and sleeping like a baby and the rooster was already crowing (like a mad rooster it is) to my annoyance.

My mind drifted to many things; my girlfriends’ trip to KK, Christmas, gathering with the 6 Jahanams, family Christmas dinner, Ekiel starting his pre-school, my trip next year, etc.

I am very excited for all these to happen and at the same time worry about the preparations and what not. Before I could finish, I started thinking about a particular friend of mine after watching a late night movie last night. The hero character reminds me so much of him; look, personality minus my friend’s kebuayaan (his reputation with the ladies).

I miss his smile. A lot.

Today, my ex-high school classmate/housemate is getting married. *applauds* Like I’ve shared before I don’t attend many weddings so yes, I am pretty excited. Despite the long night and me looking like a retired panda, everything was fine and dandy. And because I hardly go out these days, I thought I’d want to like nice and all, so I went to get my hair done. Instead of the lustrous lock I imagine, my hair look like a poodle got knocked down by a car many many times. *freaks out*

With my hair rebonded so many times, I could easily revive the poodle with water. It still doesn’t look like A-lister celebrity hair; at least it didn’t look like I was standing in front of a huge industrial fan while spraying my hair with Elizabeth hairspray.

The universe is reminding me not to get too carried away. *LOL*

No, I do not have a photo of the dead poodle hair. I totally forgot to take a photo as a reminder to myself.

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