Wednesday, September 03, 2008

little things

I thought I could do my victory dance once I completed my assignments.
Before I could even start, some people have already ruined it for me.

*claps hand sarcastically*

I love sunset.

Those few minutes before the sun set, the world transforms into an enchanting magical recital of colours. It’s as if I am transported to a different world far, far away from civilization. During those few minutes, I am able to forget the headaches and the heartaches.

It’s weird I know. It is after all an every day (almost, unless it rains) event.

I must share this photo courtesy of Alvin Ting from Chegu Carol’s blog.
The first time I looked at it I was blown away. Nice kan?

The photo reminds me of life.

The endless (looks like) bridge represent life, a journey.

Most times we just look straight ahead and focus on getting to the end of that bridge.

We tend to forget about the little things life has to offer.

Like the way my dad’s face lit up when he talks about Ekiel, or how my youngest sister smiles in her sleep and even the way my mom gets so emotional watching her Indonesian soap operas.

Those little things always makes my day a lot better.

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