Saturday, April 18, 2009


Oh well.

Since the last entry, nothing much has happened. Work is work. Life is pretty much one continuous routine. I’ve been sleeping early these days, which is a good thing. BUT I’ve been waking up late too which explains the every morning rush at home. The funny bit is; everyone at home wakes up late these days too.

After my shower, I will start with my makeup while waiting for my brother to finish before Ekiel starts his morning ritual. Sometimes, you’ll see me with a half eyebrow done dragging the still sleeping Ekiel to the bathroom because I have to make sure Ekiel is ready before my sister starts her morning ritual. Yes, we have that many people in one house and there is only one bathroom with a water heater.

Ekiel is now learning to use his socks and school shoes. It’s a good thing I know. But when you’re late and he is still trying to figure out which bit of the sock is for the sole and what not, you’d want to pull your hair too. At least he remembers his bag now unlike that one time when he assumed I would bring it into the car, which I forgot, and when he realize it, he screamed his heart and mine jumped out from my body. Thank goodness we were only few steps away from home.

It’s a good adrenaline rush though *grins*.

Maybe it’s just me, but these days I see many people with really funky hairstyle. And that is not a good thing. The colors and style was just beyond my wildest imagination. And I really mean beyond. So yesterday, my friend told me to check out the dude with the cool hairdo. Thinking my friend have better *ahem* taste than that, I turned only to find a guy with almost waist length, straight blonde hair. I nearly choke on my coke. His whom I assume is his girlfriend dyed her hair orange-y red.

Girlfriend won the worst hair colour round while the boyfriend won the best hair.

How can that be cool? Worst thing was he wanted to color his hair exactly the same blonde color. *freaks out* Since I believe you should do what you think is right, I just shrugged the idea and said, “If you think it’s okay, then okay larr tu”.

I should have heard the fashion police siren blasting when earlier he said the best hairstyle he had was the Alleycats’ hairdo.

Even my cousin has this “to the left to the left” hairdo. It’s like he stood in the middle of a storm and the hair got so freaked out, it stayed that way forever. The hair is very useful as a “Left” signage.

“Just walk straight ahead and when you see the “hair” you just follow the way it is pointing.”Hee.

Enjoy your weekend peeps.
I know I will.

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vsk said...

hahaha... 'to the left to the left'... omy.. its running in my mind now.. haiyaaa... funnynya... 'to the left to the left'...

haiii... penat sia fikir...