Saturday, April 04, 2009

Something for the PCA

I am so freaking happy when I am able to unload some of the unnecessary headaches.

Maybe this week I’ll hit the Jackpot too kan?

The much awaited Palliative Care Association’s 9th Annual Charity Dinner & Concert 2009 is happening on the 29th May 2009. Everyone knows that the PCA Dinner & Concert is a blast with exciting international performances such as the Supremes, ABBAration, Anita Sarawak and many more. Everyone, yes myself included despite the whining, look forward to dress up and enjoy ourselves. Again yes, I too wish there was a dance floor. *grins*

For this year, we are going to ask “How Much Is Your Love?” and learn how to “Jive Talkin’” from “The Greatest Man In The World”. Will “Too Much Heaven” makes you want to “Stayin’ Alive” or “Party With No Name”? “Words” will not be able to explain our “Emotions” and why are we “Crazy For Your Love” though you’ve told us over and over again “Don’t Fall In Love With Me”. Well, “Miracles Happen” and one day we will live “Happy Ever After” in your “Cucumber Castle”.

That’s right people. The Australian Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive – Tribute Bee Gees Show is performing at this year’s concert. If you figured it out, give yourself a pat on your shoulder *claps hand*. If you didn’t, OMG, how old are you little one?

This band is a hit worldwide and performed throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand, North & South America as well as Germany. I thought the same thing too. Wow! That’s a lot of Bee Gees fan. *LOL*In fact they’ve got many awards that puts them as world’s leading Bee Gees Tribute Show. How cool is that?

Don’t miss this people. Besides, how often can you say “I too sang ‘Immortality’ with the Bee Gees”? Hee.

Another highlight of the evening is the paint auction donated by the local artists such as Christianne Goonting, Tina Rimmer, Dzulkifli Abdul Rahman and Zaimie Sahibil. My knowledge in art is very limited. Okay almost non-existent. But one thing I do know is talent and man, this people are talented. I can barely draw a stick person. They just blow you away with their creativity and passion.

Christianne Goonting

Zaimie Zahibil

Tina Rimmer

Dzulkifli Abdul Rahman


Why are you still here? Come on, pick up your phone and call 088 303001 for your ticket(s)!
See you there peeps!


eSKay said...

ko punya la yg paling cantik.. meaningful lagi.. got peace sign some more.. heheh

angelicbug said...

itu yg mahal tu selina.
the peace sign.

i wonder if it will outsell last years Rm50k painting.

tsmanta said...

hahaha...that stick figure looks veeeerrryy familiar....:P

Unknown said...

is tat drawing for sale Angelicbug? hehehehe

angelicbug said...

tara: heee... tu lar. shud have kept that "stick" as well. heee

Jeff: aah'a for sale. any bidder interested. very cheap only. heee... this is the "Angelicbug Needs New Working Shoe Fund"