Tuesday, October 26, 2010

be safe people

A quick one.

Wah… October is almost over and somehow the guilt about not achieving anything significant has not kicked in yet.

Have I stopped caring?

Anyway, many unlucky things happened to people around me the past few weeks. I am not that superstitious but it does make me wonder if I have walked under a ladder lately or crossed path with a black cat.

Everyone is having car problem. Died battery or signal light. Weird sound coming from the engine or the car just refused to start at all. However, the worst award goes to my Sister 1. She was about to pick my parents and Brother 2 at the airport two weeks ago. They arrived midnight, so my sister drove to LCCT alone because Brother 1 was working. Besides, she drives a Kelisa and we are a “happy” family so it would not fit everyone in.

So she stopped at a traffic light, when suddenly *bam* a Viva hit her from behind. Apparently, the Viva was stationary when it was hit by a van pekerja. The driver of the van dozed off and could not hit the brake on time. My sister’s car was badly damaged and it is still in the workshop due to some ‘technical problem’ with the insurance people.

Why ‘some’ insurance people are only nice when they want you to buy the policy from them but when something happen, *fuyoo* so very the rude one like tidak kena ‘servis’ 10 tahun ni.

Anyway, my sister is fine. Carless but fine.

The thing is, I was already asleep when I received her phone call about the accident on that night. I thought she wanted to tell me that she has already picked up the parents, but she started her conversation with “La, I had an accident”.

I swear my heart stopped beating for few seconds.

So next time, before anything else, please start the conversation with, “La, I am okay but I had an accident”. And, please get Call Waiting because it’s not funny when I cannot get through the phone. My imagination went overdrive. I mean, would you not worry knowing your family member or you friend is at the highway somewhere in the middle of the night with strangers who banged her car?

Have you people not read/seen the news lately?
I haven’t read the newspaper without cringing for a very long time. What have we become?

The only thing we can do it to be careful and take care ourselves really well. The ‘tidak apa it won’t happen to me’ attitude really needs to stop. Better be safe than sorry. Even if you don’t care anything happens to you, think about your loved ones.

And to all psychos out there, please go get help. I know a few whom I'd like to send to Bukit Padang.

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