Monday, October 04, 2010

patience patience

Meet the rejected character of the Sesame Street.

The Angry Monster.
That’s me.

I always think that as people get older, they should be more ‘Zen’and all. Of course, in a perfect world, everyone would break into those cute-sy happy songs when life brings them down.

The soalan cepumas is, why is the world testing my patience?

As much as I hate what I have become, I must admit I do enjoy that tingling feeling after a good verbal blasting. Until guilt kicks in.

Oh please tell me how does one not get angry when ‘mental’ people messes with you with mind games, lies, provocation, etc, every single day?

Like at work, when I have been doing this job for the past four years without a problem and suddenly that person wants to question my capability in handling the task?

A bit too late for that no?

I must give that person credit for doing it to my face that one time. I kept my mouth shut but unfortunately, that person made a huge boo-boo by addressing me wrongly during that person’s blood vomiting repeated speech.

You can say whatever you want, call me whatever disgusting name you can think of behind my back. But when we’re face to face, having an argument, call me by my name larr.

Why, does my name makes you tremble?

But I think I was more surprised than that person when I screamed, “My name is not XXX, my name is Clara. Yes, very the drama queen like that. *Hee*


A saint pun will gantung dia punya halo and pergi tumbuk these people until melekat di dinding.

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