Sunday, August 26, 2007

it's a sunday afternoon

“Like a bad rollercoaster ride.”
If anyone is wondering how my week was like.

By Saturday evening, I lost my cool.
I just don’t get it.
I really don’t.

All I want is for them to learn to be responsible and use their common sense. The world will not bow to their fancies and whims BUT apparently I am wrong to tell them that their behavior is unacceptable.

If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t swallow my pride for them.
I will not explain myself because they’ve already made up their mind.
So be it.

I’ve attended a Press Conference at the Palliative Care Association (PCA) home last Friday. Their annual charity dinner and concert for this year will be held on 3rd November 2007 at The Magellan Sutera. Performing at the concert are the original members of The Supremes minus Diana Ross.

At the PC was a testimonial from a lady whose mother was taken care by the Association before she died a year ago. The lady was very emotional in her sharing and you could see many of us tried our best to hold our tears. The Palliative Care Association provides help for those who are terminally ill by providing free (depending on case) medication and emotional support to the patient and the patient’s family. She said she still attends the support group and it had helped her to cope with her mother’s death.

The volunteers at the PCA home have my utmost respect. It is not easy to work in situations like this. I think of myself as strong but this is something I will never be able to do.

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