Monday, August 27, 2007

jogging? no tq

I enjoy watching some of the local independent movies. Few nights ago, I finally got to watch Goodbye Boys by Bernard Chauly. It’s not a favorite of mine but I think the movie was worth watching. It was really different, personal and real.

It’s a story about friendship and growing up. I like the fact that good friends do fight and it’s either you make up or break up. That’s life and I think it is okay when that happens. It’s also true that the friends that you meet do leave a little something of them behind with you.

I am bad movie critic aren’t I?

I am physically tired which is funny because the only exercise I’ve been doing is lifting up my spoon to eat. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the headaches from the drama and maybe it’s just hormones. OR I just need some TLC. *whistles*

I get all shy/nervous when I think of passing/walked past That Guy’s office but I have no shame admitting I am lonely in my blog.

Today is a gloomy Monday. Monday is not that bad really. It’s just that the thought of work for the next 4 days or so is not so appealing. Thank goodness this Friday is a holiday. *woohoo*

On Friday, Malaysia celebrates her 50th anniversary of independence. Everyone and everything is talking about what have Malaysian had achieved over the years and what is great about being a Malaysian.

We have achieved many things economically, technologically and socially but morally and spiritually we still have many things to learn. But nevertheless it’s great to be a Malaysian for so many reasons. The first three things I could think of are:-

Reason 1.
Malaysia has about 26 days (all states combined) of public holidays.
Sabah has 19 days.

Reason 2.
Malaysia is a 24-hour eating haven with unlimited choices of food.

Reason 3.
Mega Sale. Year End Sale.

Hee. At least I am honest when I said these are the first three things I could think of. And you could basically tell what kind of person I am with the above three things kan?

I was looking forward for the Pilates session today but they’ve replaced it with jogging due to the overwhelming response last week. Damnit. Overwhelming meh? About 50 staffs attended the jog and already they call it overwhelming response. *rolls eyes* Btw, if you read my photo release in the local newspaper, mind the figures ya. *winks*

Do I want to jog today? Honestly, I only wanted to do Pilates because there are high chances of me seeing That Guy. I am so going to get it if these people know my plan.

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